Deadline Movie Premiere

Benefiting Detroit Reading Works

The Detroit Premiere of Deadline, the new movie starring Steve Talley and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, was March 27th. Hosted by the Detroit Free Press, the premiere benefited Detroit Reading Works.

"The Detroit Free Press is here to help serve the greater good of our community,” said Paul Anger, Editor and Publisher. “The movie Deadline is a powerful reminder of the role journalists can play in righting wrongs and improving life. An example of this in action is Reading Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving adult literacy in Metro Detroit. The Free Press is a founding member of this organization and 100% of the net proceeds of this premiere will go to help teach adults how to read. The Free Press is proud to be part of this event."  A Q&A with cast members, writer Mark Ethridge and director Curt Hahn followed the premiere.

Reading Works is dedicated to raising the level of adult literacy in Metropolitan Detroit and promoting the idea that Reading Works – in the family and in the workplace. Reading Works believes that every adult in our community should be able to read well enough to perform essential day-to-day tasks.  Reading Works believes that it can play an important role in raising the level of adult literacy in Metro Detroit.

Deadline Movie Premiere

March 27, 2012
Emagine Royal Oak
200 N Main St Royal Oak, MI 48067-4109
6:00 pm
Red Carpet Arrivals
7:00 pm
Deadline Premiere
  • Uninvestigated
  • Unsolved
  • Unpunished
  • Until now.
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Inspired by a true story, Deadline is a powerful movie that viewers most often say reminds them of To Kill a Mockingbird.

"  Deadline  is a powerful movie with a very strong, redemptive worldview about the search for truth and justice...Matt and Bullock’s adventures in solving this case take them into the communities, homes and hearts of both whites and blacks."
~ Renee Green, Movie Guide

Deadline is an important, terrific movie, with the kind of compelling story and fascinating characters that made The Help so engaging. Beautifully acted and directed.”
~ Dr. Linda Seger, Script Consultant on over 2,000 scripts and author of Making a Good Script Great

“I cannot wait to see Deadline again. It's been so much on my mind since the screening that I am hungry to see, hear, learn more about it. It's a wonderful movie, full of great stories and beautifully executed.”
~ Hank Klibanoff, Pulitzer Prize winner, Professor of Journalism, Emory University, Managing Editor, The Civil Rights Cold Case Project

“I loved Deadline. It touched my heart. No, it touched my soul.”
~ Mike Pandey, Filmmaker and Chair of the steering committee for the International Film Festival of India